This Weekends Fabric Shopping

This weekend I have been out searching for fabrics. Some for customers and some for inspiration for new designs. One thing I saw over and over again was 3d textured fabrics. This trend has been around for a while but it has really taken off lately here with some very unusual patterns, colours and designs.

I was also happy to see that the new colours for 2015 are also showing up which is great for being able to create designs with a current feel, especially in Cambodia where the seasons are so similar.


I really love these textured meshes. There is a light embroidery under and then the die cut flowers are stitched on with pearls. These fabrics can be used more than just as they are, by cutting up the mesh and spreading out the flowers the possibilities for embellishing a gown are endless. The colours were a dark cream and a light lucite green which would make perfect wedding gowns.


Another textured mesh, this one was way more expensive and you can really see why. The flowers are much more detailed and there are crystals on this one. The flowers were arranged in a much more spaced out arrangement. I would choose this one to make a skirt and then use some of the flowers to decorate the bodice.


My other favourite find was this gold thread embroidered mesh. I really liked this for cutting up and using for applique work. I think it would work with some different colours such as black, navy, ivory or even marsala.


Happy shopping everyone, hope these fabrics were inspiring for you.

Cheers, Anneliese